Willi Biser Haushaltapparate

Miele CompetenceCenter at Grosshöchstetten

Bernstrasse 18
3506 Grosshöchstetten

Opening hours

8:30 - 11:30 /
13:30 - 17:30,
Fri 8:30 - 11:30 /
13:30 - 16:00
Mondays closed


More about us

  • Competent partners

    At Miele CompetenceCenters, we focus on your questions and ideas. We show you our range and explain everything in detail so that together we can find those products that are ideally suited to you and your requirements and the distinctive features of your household. Competence you can rely on, from your very first visit at the Miele CompetenceCenter until the installation of your ideal appliance at your home.

  • First-class service

    We offer you comprehensive service – and are there for you before and after your purchase. As the global leading home appliance manufacturer, Miele provides products representing the highest possible performance and efficiency coupled with a long useful life. This means that you can enjoy your new Miele products for the entire life of your appliance.

  • Exclusive exhibition

    Experience first hand what Miele appliances feel like, how they function and how they improve your qualify of life in everyday life. We would love to also inform you about all of Miele’s new products and campaigns.

How to find us

Location description

The CompetenceCenter is located directly on the main road leading through Grosshöchstetten, on the right-hand side when travelling towards Worb.